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Wij werken momenteel aan een nieuw forum voor Androidworld. Het is daarom momenteel niet mogelijk om te reageren of nieuwe topics aan te maken.



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  • 12 mei 2010
  • 09:34

Hallo mede pulse eigenaren,

Er is een pulse 2.1ROM beschikbaar, geroot door Modaco (bigbear & paul)
What you need:

If you're using a stock phone you'll need also:
December Update by T-Mobile:
Short tutorial how to install the Update:
Unzip the downloaded file to a location of your choice on your computer
Copy the “dload” folder and all its contents to the root directory of your microSD card
Insert the microSD card back into your device
On your device select Settings -> SD card -> Phone Storage -> Upgrade
The upgrade process will give you several warnings which you need to confirm to continue - then press the Upgrade option to begin the update
As the update progresses you will see several screens along with a progress bar
Once complete you will see a confirmation screen, and your Pulse will automatically restart
Continue with next step “If you have already/successfully installed the December Update:”

If you have already/successfully installed the December Update:
Latest Modaco Android 2.1
If you're using Windows Vista or lower: Install your Pulse-CD
If you're using Windows 7: Install driver…t&p=1270466

Step 1: getting root rights

- unpack your downloaded files
- power Pulse off
- boot Pulse into bootloader-mode by pressing “volume-down”+“red-key(hang up call)”+“power on” together
- plug Pulse in using your USB-cable
- open “install-superboot-windows.bat”/“”/“”(open in terminal) from downloaded on your PC (choose matching version)
- „Writing Superboot (xyz Bytes) - ok“ should appear on your Pulse screen
- you got root rights

Step 2: flashing recovery sector
- open “install-recovery-windows.bat”/“”/“”(open in terminal) from downloaded (choose matching version)
- „Writing Superboot (xyz Bytes) - ok“ appears again
- You've successfully installed the recovery-mode
- now remove your battery to reboot your phone

Step 3: making a Nand Backup IMPORTANT
- insert your battery
- power Pulse on by pressing “red-key”+“menu”+“power on” together
- (If this don't appear go back to step 1)
- go to “Backup/Restore” (using joystick)
- open “Nand + ext backup”
- open “Nand backup”
- confirm with green-key
- after it's complete go back to previous menu (press home key)
- open “Toggle USB MS”
- open SD-card on your PC
- copy “nandroid” folder to somewhere on your PC
- press green-key again and disable USB

Step 4: formate SD BACKUP DATA FIRST (This is optional and will delete all data stored on SD-card! I recommend it for a proper setup.)

- go to “Partition sdcard”=>“Partition SD”
- set “Swap size” to “0” (press volume-down)
- set ext2 size to 512 mb (depends on how lage you like it. It's the memory you'll install your apps on. Press volume-up/down)
- !!!YOU'LL LOOSE ALL YOUR DATA ON YOUR CARD - MAKE A BACKUP!!! confirm with green-key
- now your SD is formated

Step 5: wipe data
- go to “Wipe”
- open “Wipe data/factory reset”
- confirm with green
- open “Wipe Darvik Cache”
- confirm with green
- You've wiped everything (nearly ^^) on your phone

Step 6: Flash 2.1 ROM
- toggle USB again
- copy “” ROM to your SD-card using your PC
- press green-key and hang out your Pulse
- go to “Flash zip from sdcard”
- choose “”
- press green-key to confirm
- wait till Pulse has successfully installed Android 2.1
- open “Reboot system now”
- Android should welcome you - YOU DID IT

Step 7: Reboot
- your Pulse is now rebooting
- it should show a “T-Mobile” character with a rotating circle
- installation takes round a round 3-5 minutes

- power Pulse of (remove battery) and power it on with removed SD-card
- start again form step 4
- start Pulse into recovery-mode with “red-key”+“menu”+“power on”
- press “Toggle USB MS”
- copy your Pulse-backup (“nandroid”-folder) to your SD-card
- go to “Backup/Restore”=>“Nand restore”=>“mem=128M”“BCDEMRS-2010xxxx-xxxx”
- confirm with green-key
- reboot your phone
- you are back on your previous configuration (Android 1.5)
- search MoDaCo-forum for help

Noted problems:

1) Lots of android.acore force close notices. This can be improved (but not solved) by using a simpler desktop (eg. Zeam on the market), and possibly installing autokiller to adjust the default process tolerances.
2) The vibrate function doesn't work (only “normal 8220”) / working with 8220-6
3) Occasional random reboots
4) App2Sd+ version causes a lot of problems (see thread)

Bewerkt (22 april 2013 12:23)


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  • 12 mei 2010
  • 23:06

Is de wipe noodzakelijk?!
ik heb hem niet gedaan en de initiele boot na de installatie van de rom duurt langer dan 10 minuten en hij blijft “hangen” in het T-mobile bootscherm.

Bewerkt (22 april 2013 12:23)


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  • 14 mei 2010
  • 12:24

Hey Nielzs, welkom op het forum

Wipe is echt noodzakelijk, booten kan ongeveer 5-10minuten duren de eerste keer!
Het is ook aan te raden om zeam of helixlauncher te instaleren aangezien de t-mobile home screen nogal buggy is..

vergeet niet een Nandroid backup te maken!!!!!!

Bewerkt (22 april 2013 12:23)


We werken momenteel hard aan een nieuw forum voor Androidworld. Het is daarom helaas niet mogelijk om op dit topic te reageren.