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  • Lid sinds 18 oktober 2011
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  • #1
  • 20 oktober 2011
  • 17:29

Ik krijg vanaf de Market WhattsApp niet geinstalleerd op mijn tab. Is niet geschikt zegt ie dan.
Weet iemand hoe ik dit wel krijg geinstalleerd en werkend?

Bewerkt (20 oktober 2011 17:29)


  • Lid sinds 16 juni 2011
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  • #2
  • 20 oktober 2011
  • 17:37

Whatsapp is gekoppeld aan een 06 nummer en functioneert dus allemaal maar als er een mobiel netwerk is.

Bewerkt (20 oktober 2011 17:37)


  • Lid sinds 18 oktober 2011
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  • #3
  • 20 oktober 2011
  • 17:47

Kan ik Whattsapp wel installeren als ik de GT koppel aan de HTC Desire via Tethering hotspot?

Bewerkt (20 oktober 2011 17:47)


  • Lid sinds 16 juni 2011
  • Berichten 2271
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  • #4
  • 20 oktober 2011
  • 17:51

Ik weet het niet zeker maar ik denk het niet. Als de market aangeeft dat het niet geschikt is dan heeft dan vast een hele goede reden.

Bewerkt (20 oktober 2011 17:51)


  • Lid sinds 31 oktober 2010
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  • #5
  • 22 oktober 2011
  • 23:41

Vanaf XDA:

Ok so you need Whatsapp. After tons and tons of searching and finding nothing, I finally managed to install Whatsapp and solve the contacts not appearing issue.

I will here like to notify that I emailed the whatsapp people and they stated that whastapp is not for tablets. Strange, cuz it works on internet and tabs are all about internet messaging. So heres a guide to instal Whats app.


Existing ANDROID whatsapp users trying to switch to galaxy tab 10.1v there is good news.l You can do that in easy steps. But if you have already tried whatsapp on tablet without any success then you need to first remove the account from accounts and sync under settings and then uninstal the application in your tablet first before the points below.

  1. Make sure you have the latest whatsapp version in you old android phone and the contacts you want to transfer or talk to in 10.1v whastapp ar ein the original whatsapp application you are using on the android phone. Please also make sure you have some messaging going under these contacts.
  2. Goto settings of whatsapp in your original android phone and check the last back up that was made. This is i think under the option “MORE” This date should be fresh. If not you gotto wait for the autobackup. Else backup if there is an option in your version.
  3. Now take out the SIM and put in 10.1v tablet
  4. download whatsapp from the whatsapp web site. Dont bother going to market…its not there.
  5. Once downloaded instal.
  6. When it comes to verification of your account, it will give a failure to send sms or somethign like that. Dont panic. Just click on retry.
  7. Now you will see a roughly 10 minute time clock. Make sure your 3g or wifi is on. Let the 10 minutes pass.
  8. Bang you will see a SMS received from whatsapp and it will shwo int he SERVICE INFO icon at the bottom bar of your tablet
  9. Whatsapp will recognize it automatically and move forward. It will now auto backup your account under this number.
  10. It will ask to restore backup and you do restore. and thats it. All your contacts and conversations are there. and you can WHATSAPP.

Well you guys need an android phone. and you gotto register whatsapp in there. Add your contacts and make some messages. Then follow the above procedures.

Bewerkt (22 oktober 2011 23:41)


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